Note: The game is not optimized to be played in the browser

 I approached the theme by making a minimalistic population control shooter!


1. Control movement with WASD or arrow keys.
2. Left-Click to shoot, but be aware of the energy consumption.
3. Energy will regenerate with time. Check the bar in the upper left corner.
4. Press "Esc" at any time to Pause the game and access the option menu.
5. Press "F" for light. 


As an agent of the I.P.C.A you need to control the population of and alien race. Careful! the more of them the more difficult it gets.

Some Notes for the future:

Third LD and I'm happy with the improvement. I went for an easy mechanic that I knew I could implement. 


  • Unity 5.6
  • sfxr (for Sound)
  • Piskel 
  • WolframTones (For the music)

48hours + Noob = Bugs

  • Sometimes you can go through walls. (This happens way more in the Browser)
  • When you click some of the menu buttons the character shoots.


Download 23 MB
Download 18 MB

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